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Israeli distillery makes country’s first Kentucky whiskey

Mashing up American tradition with Israeli innovation, two US immigrants think their new bourbon-style whiskey is better than the original.

Master distillers Noam Cohen and Alan Cohl had the audacity to launch Legends, their boutique bourbon-style whiskey distillery, three years ago after undergoing stringent training in distilling techniques with some of America’s best experts.

“We bring American tradition with a bit of Israeli innovation,” said Cohen, who moved to Israel 10 years ago. “What is a legend? It is taking something and making it a bit better.”

A fourth generation American, Cohen grew up hearing his grandfather tell tales of midnight visitors to his tenement apartment in the 1920s during Prohibition as his father sold bootleg liquor to speakeasies.

Photo: Legends Distillery

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Norbert Stager 12:32 19.08.2022
Would love to taste it. Love Kentucky bourbon. Good way to unwind after a busy day. A little bit of bourbon on the rocks with lemon rubbed on the rim. That is how the Van Winkles drink it. I tried it
02:06 19.08.2022
They are absolute genius