Aliyah - Immigration to Israel
13 Years in Israel!
Eli Eklein who made Aliyah and moved to Israel 13 years ago, shares this special milestone:
Having reached my "Bar Mitzvah" year here in the Holy Land, I'm realizing that the similarities between this milestone and the actual Bar Mitzvah rite of passage are quite striking:
• Still feeling uncertain about opening your mouth to say your piece (no matter how much you've practiced).
• Becoming overjoyed at the sight of a USD check made out in your name.
• Feeling like you've accomplished so much and come so far...while simultaneously understanding that you have so much more to learn.
• Realizing that you are part of something so special and so central to your identity that you can't remember your life without it.
• Loving the 'wild ride' that led you to this point so much that you can't wait to see what crazy new surprises lie ahead.
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