Gaza Strip News
Not a good day for Gaza electricity

The Gaza Electric Company announces the shutdown of one of the high voltage lines to the Strip following an attack by the IDF.

# Gaza Strip # Operation "Breaking Dawn"
C & 01:24 06.08.2022
I agree with the first 3 comments on here, Israel, like any country, has every right to defend their country and people from terrorists and all forms of attacks! Israel is the LORD'S! 🥰🙏
Michael Sosne 01:23 06.08.2022
ISREAL has the right to defend herself including the elimination of all muslim pigs. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Put a stop to those pigs now!!!!!!
Robbie Temple 22:55 05.08.2022
I stand with Israel and defending their country because they have a right to defend their land and there people
Bobby Barnett 22:14 05.08.2022
If attack they have aright to do what is necessary to defend themselves
Tony Pettitt 22:07 05.08.2022
I believe Israel should use all the tools they have to prevent the Palestinian terrorist from attacking their country!!!!!!
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