Nuclear Iran
Iran feels emboldened knowing there is no Biden "Plan B" to take out its nuclear option

The Biden administration does not believe in a military alternative if the nuclear talks with Iran fail. The "military option" does not currently exist and there are no preparations for it. 

Biden is very weak player in the poker game against Iran and Israel is very worried. Even so, all talk so far about "PLAN B" are nothing but nonsense and Israel has no one in its leadership that dares to attack the nuclear facilities militarily.

Image: Walla


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Byron Scherer 18:53 09.10.2021
Israel will be invaded an at the brink of annihilation before the Creator intercede. Ezekiel 38 will repeat will happen.
Anna Payton 14:43 09.10.2021
How could a dude overthrow the government like biden did, and stay in office.
Nick Horsky 14:18 09.10.2021
With buffoon Biden Israeli is on it's own.. FJB!!! THE CHANT ACROSS AMERICA!! F--K JOE BIDEN!!
Gideon Arava 14:08 09.10.2021
The present government of Israel as well as Biden are not going to attack iran by force . We are in a dangerous situation and iran feel no fear of us .
darrel snider 14:03 09.10.2021
I hope Israel and rest will
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