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"The Israeli Mossad is on its way to wreaking havoc inside Iran"

The Israeli Mossad is on its way to wreaking havoc inside Iran, says British journalist Jake Wallis Simmons.

Iran is about to be hit by a new deadly wave of Israeli Mossad operations, senior Jerusalem sources told me. This will happen as a result of a change in Israeli policy, from now on, "When Tehran's proxy militias cause problems in the region, the Jewish state will take revenge on Iranian soil."

It will no longer attack the octopus' tentacles, "said one senior source. It has been decided in Israel to go for the octopus head."

In the foreseeable future, I can confirm, this will not be done in the form of airstrikes from fighter jets, missile attacks or UAV attacks. Instead, the Israeli secret service (Mossad) has been instructed to perform precise surgical operations within the heart of the Islamic Republic, albeit a punishment Surgical but highly destructive.

Does the article interest you?
Henry Lee 07:54 23.02.2022
This is the right time to sock it to them. Go ahead!
[Anonymous] 23:58 29.01.2022
Hit’em hard
[Anonymous] 22:07 07.12.2021
Sounds like they’re about to get a taste of their own medicine
Lonnie Partin 22:48 06.12.2021
Tennessee is praying 🙏 for you ISRAEL 🇮🇱 GOD BLESS all ur People ❤️
Vernice McCall 21:07 06.12.2021
Go for what you know, Israel!
[Anonymous] 19:13 06.12.2021
Hit them hard !
[deleted] 18:15 06.12.2021
Great that what needed
Pamela Lovejoy 18:14 06.12.2021
[Anonymous] 18:12 06.12.2021
About time
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