Abraham Accords
An important "step up" in Israel's relations with Morocco

The signing of the security agreement between Israel and Morocco is an important "step up" in normalizing the two countries and strengthening Israel's regional status. Algeria is concerned about the agreement while the Palestinians are angry and call on Morocco to withdraw from signing the agreement.

The process of normalization between Israel and Arab states that reached its peak during the Trump administration is not a scam, despite some pessimistic assessments in the US and Israel, and it continues to flourish.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz's successful visit to Morocco last week is a "step up" in relations between the two countries. For the first time, an Israeli minister signed a defense cooperation agreement with an Arab country.

No details were officially given about the agreement signed, but political sources in Jerusalem say that it deals with several areas: joint military exercises, the war on terror, the exchange of intelligence information, the purchase of weapons systems and more.

Morocco marched towards this "escalation" in relations with Israel and warmed relations with it even more without hesitation, despite the opposition of the Palestinians, it put its interests first.

Morocco has serious problems with Algeria that severed ties with it, tensions between it and Algeria have increased after the Trump administration recognized Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara in 2020.

According to security sources in Israel, this tension has pushed Morocco to purchase anti-UAV anti-aircraft systems from Israel that are becoming the most dangerous weapon in the Middle East and several other places in the world.

Israel has no diplomatic relations with Algeria The two countries have hostile relations, compared to Israel's warm relations with Morocco for decades, thanks to the Israeli Mossad's secret security ties with the Moroccan monarchy and Moroccan Jewry in Israel.

Even in the Depression, when Morocco officially suspended relations with Israel in 2000, in the wake of the second intifada, secret relations between the two countries continued unabated behind the scenes.

The security agreement that Morocco signed with Israel strengthens its self-confidence and sends a Moroccan message to Algeria that Morocco has a security alliance with a strong regional power that is the State of Israel, therefore, the Moroccans did not hesitate to publicize Defense Minister Benny Gantz's visit and honor him.

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas were outraged by the visit, as Morocco recalls the "Jerusalem Committee" of the Organization of Islamic States.

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Gideon Arava 00:04 30.11.2021
Israel doing the right thing and all those who oppose the deal should find a near by lake and jump into it .
darrel snider 17:43 29.11.2021
Great deal for both of them
Mario A 14:48 29.11.2021
Morocco is a good ally
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