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WATCH & LEARN: People of the Book -The Revolution of Ezra the Scribe

Jewish tradition has long attributed authorship of this historical book to the scribe and scholar Ezra, who led the second group of Jews returning from Babylon to Jerusalem (Ezra 7:11–26). 

Ezra 8 includes a first-person reference, implying the author’s participation in the events. He plays a major role in the second half of the book, as well as in the book of Nehemiah, its sequel. 

In the Hebrew Bible, the two books were considered one work, though some internal evidence suggests they were written separately and joined together in the Hebrew canon (and separated again in English translations).

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08:15 26.05.2023
Very interesting.. but the captions are too fast to read in the video , I love the video! Is there a way to put it all in writing on Newsrael! Please.