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WATCH Trump: “I’m built a little differently”

Donald Trump is asked if he ever thinks about the possibility of going to jail.

Despite facing four trials, Mr Trump said he's not consumed with visions of prison.

"I don't even think about it," he said. "I'm built a little differently I guess, because I have had people come up to me and say, 'How do you do it, sir? How do you do it?' I don't even think about it."

He later said: "I truly feel that, in the end, we're going to win."

Source - ALX/X 

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Deborah Nunn 21:14 18.09.2023
Trump will win 2024 election.This man TRUMP IS GODS DAVID. Anointed
Polly Spires 20:37 18.09.2023
I believe he is God's man for such a time as this He has what it will take to defend our Country and the American people. Follow God Mr.President D.J.Trump He will bless us all and bless America🇺🇸
Syble Presswood 15:26 18.09.2023
Amen,He's innocent of these bogus charges. He' s not perfect,but neither is anyone else !!
Aerold Souder 13:34 18.09.2023
That's a Winner
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