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Kamala Harris Presents Her Own Jimmy Carter Moment

Vice President Kamala Harris keeps finding new ways to perform badly in the easiest job in the world, and now she has hit yet another new low, uttering the word that every politician in the United States has known not to say since July 1979: that’s right, our national “malaise” is back.

Harris was on PBS Newshour Thursday when anchor Judy Woodruff asked her about the failure of Old Joe Biden’s socialist agenda. Harris had a ready explanation: Biden’s catastrophic failure was all Americans’ fault. “I fully appreciate that there is a level of malaise,” Harris said. Americans are so tired of the COVID crisis, she explained, that they couldn’t summon up the requisite enthusiasm for Biden’s vision of a workers’ paradise.

Inflation? Skyrocketing gas prices? Americans only cared about such things because they’re seeing everything through their COVID malaise. “We’re two years into this thing, you know,” Harris explained. “People – we want to get back to normal, we all do.” She added some platitudes about “pushing through with solutions” and declared: “Let’s meet the challenges where they are.”

See, the problem is not Joe Biden’s faux presidency, his scripted press conferences, his obvious mental deterioration, or the vacuum at the top it creates. The problem is not that Harris has avoided responsibility throughout her tenure as vice president, avoiding the border after she was put in charge of solving the problem there. The problem is not that she has demonstrated mind-blowing ignorance; when asked about skyrocketing inflation rates, she answered sagely: “Prices have gone up. And families and individuals are dealing with the realities of that bread costs more, that gas costs more.”

Yes, and water is wet, and birds fly. The problem is not the attention she has devoted to non-issues that shovel red meat to the blue rubes, such as the all-consuming problem of racist trees.

No, the real problem, as far as Kamala Harris is concerned, is that Americans are not in a good enough frame of mind to appreciate what Old Joe and his handlers want to do for us. The most famous example in relatively recent history of a politician blaming Americans for the nation’s troubles instead of working to solve them was Jimmy Carter, the worst president in American history until Barack Obama and Joe Biden came along.

Jimmy Carter was as sanctimonious as he was inept, and even forty years after he left the Oval Office, America is still paying the price for the damage he wrought during his presidency. He effectively lost his bid for reelection on July 15, 1979, when he commandeered the nation’s television screens in order to scold and hector Americans in what came to be known as his “malaise” speech, although he did not use that word.

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Jason Davis 03:59 10.01.2022
All this "Green" crap they are pushing on us should actually be put to a vote! I don't want it and everyone I know doesn't want it either! So why are why are they pushing it like Americais wanting it?
John Tucker 00:07 10.01.2022
Clueless, is she really?? Or is it by design, they are destroying America Why? Because how can there be a One World Government if there is still America, all countries have to Surrender, Bankrupt.
Rebecca Stump 23:37 09.01.2022
What do you expect from anyone in office? She knows nothing on how Americans are paying out the nose. None of the fools in DC have any idea. We need them down to our level.
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