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BREAKING: Stabbing at Modiin: Three people wounded lightly

Israel police Spokesperson: *The police opened an investigation into stabbing incidents at the Modi'in West intersection, during which three civilians were injured, the terrorist was shot and killed.

The police received a report a short time ago regarding a suspected stabbing incident at the West Modi'in intersection, in which three citizens were lightly stabbed by a suspect who was neutralized by a police officer.

The police have begun their investigation.

Does the article interest you?
Desiree Siefkas 21:39 22.09.2022
Biden / Obama Administration are in on it.
Syble Presswood 19:25 22.09.2022
I love that word'neutralize'.It sounds innocent ,but it's permanent !!
La Jun 19:09 22.09.2022
I'm all over Lapid because he work closely with the enemies of Israel to bring destruction to his own peoples. Lots of treasonous snakes in your Knesset. They'll be Removed this Year
Leonardo Valero 18:45 22.09.2022