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Israeli delegation sets out to provide relief in Puerto Rico

An Israeli delegation has left for Puerto Rico to offer psychological and medical aid in wake of Hurricane Fiona.

Early Thursday morning, a delegation of medical and psychological experts from the emergency medical service (EMS) organization United Hatzalah departed from Israel en route to Puerto Rico.

The team, which is comprised of four members of the Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit (PCRU) as well as two emergency medical technicians (EMTs), will be tasked with providing psychological and emotional stabilization as well as medical care to residents adversely affected by Hurricane Fiona and the resulting floods in various communities in the southern part of the Island.

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Susan 17:06 22.09.2022
Psalms 122:6-8.
Susan 17:05 22.09.2022
God bless 'em! Each & everyone have their guardian angels & the Lord watch over & provide the strength & supplies to take on this mission, Is 122:6-8.