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Blinken Claims Biden Has ‘Real Engagement’ on Gay Rights with Saudi Arabia

Secretary of State Antony Blinken explained that he brings up gay rights “invariably, in every conversation” with his Saudi counterpart, Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan al-Saud, when responding Thursday to mounting criticism of President Joe Biden’s upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia.

Blinken made his remarks at a press event billed as “the first-ever briefing for LGBTQI reporters” by Politico — which was, rather curiously, almost alone in reporting what Blinken said during the briefing.

Source: Breitbart - Photo: Reuters

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Kelly Kite 20:48 19.06.2022
They say the Antichrist is supposed to be gay
Stephen Black 23:52 18.06.2022
This is a general more than specific comment. I want to apologize to the people of Israel. Joe Biden is the most embarrassing person to ever be selected as POTUS. He is pathetic and will be gone in 24
Mike Galarneau 23:32 18.06.2022
China is the one pushing all this. But they do Not Allow it their society. Why ???
Maribel Guerra 22:36 18.06.2022
Biden must be a bisexual since he is so passionate about promoting that type of mentality, he is obsessed with it!
Jeane Frady 22:06 18.06.2022
They are allowing you to make a complete ass of yourself, the current fraudulent administration n American. Such a dense n stupid person.
21:28 18.06.2022
Sure, the Saudis are going to Accept that 🧐🙃🙄🙄
Tony Pettitt 21:07 18.06.2022
I can’t see the day when they have gay pride day in Saudi Arabia, and putting drag queens in their Children schools and teaching children transgenderism yeah I see the Saudis excepting that!!!!!
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