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Breitbart: John Kerry Softens U.S. Stance on Uyghur Slave Labor from Which He Financially Benefits

The American news site "Breitbart" reports that Biden administration climate czar John Kerry is drawing scrutiny from Republicans for downplaying and trying to derail legislation against China’s use of Uyghur forced labor, from which Kerry and his wife seem to benefit financially.

The Biden administration is officially against China’s use of forced labor from its Uyghur minority population, which Chinese companies are suspected of using in the manufacturing of solar panel parts. President Joe Biden as a candidate and president has called China’s treatment of the Uyghurs a “genocide” and compared it to the Holocaust.

However, when a reporter asked Kerry at the recent COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference how he has addressed with Chinese officials the issue of Uyghur slave labor being used to build solar panels in China, he responded, “That’s not my lane here. … My job is to be the climate guy, and stay focused on trying to move the climate agenda forward.”

Image: Reuters

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Edith Grumbles 12:26 23.11.2021
Really no surprise. He’s always been & will be a weasel !! 😡
Dennis Bell 22:40 22.11.2021
He has always been a douche!
21:03 22.11.2021
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