Battle Decorations Awarded For Activities in the South Lebanon Security Belt

The IDF spokesman said that this morning the decoration for the operation in the South Lebanon Security Belt was awarded to members of the General Staff Forum who served in various positions in the battle, between September 30, 1982, and May 24, 2000. The decoration was given to the commanders by Chief of General Staff, Major General Aviv Kochavi.

During the meeting, members of the General Staff Forum shared personal memories of their service in the Security Belt and experiences that shaped them as IDF commanders. The forum members described the IDF's time in the security strip as a significant period that left a great mark on them as commanders and as soldiers.

The giving of the decoration opened with a ceremony held on Monday this week in which the award was presented to the Chief of Staff and representatives of the bereaved families, a representative of the IDF disabled, and a representative of the combatants of the Southern Lebanon Army.

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13:45 12.06.2021
How I wish Eleizer Ben Yehuda could have lived to see this day! His dreams of Israel having its own IDF and it’s national Language, Hebrew come true🇮🇱!!
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