Biden-Putin Relations at a "Low Point"

Putin U.S. President Joe Biden said on Sunday that "autocrat" Vladimir Putin was right to say that relations were at their lowest point in years though he suggested that Russia might be weaker than it seemed and that Moscow had overreached in the Middle East.

After attending a NATO summit on Monday, Biden will meet Putin on June 16 in Geneva.

Biden, who called the former KGB spy a killer in March, cast Russia as engaging in unacceptable behavior on a range of fronts.


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Wayne Parker 18:31 14.06.2021
This guy is so out of touch at least Mr Putin looks out for his people
11:34 14.06.2021
US is afraid of Russia now just like it is afraid of China.
Stan Abraham 02:35 14.06.2021
Maybe Russia will sleepy Joe a job and keep him ...can only pray
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