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WATCH: Eylon Levy expertly owns Piers Morgan in an interview

I still think Piers Morgan's granddad and brother are war heroes, even though they couldn’t say how many enemy fighters they had killed.

Piers Morgan tries to slander Israel for not knowing the exact civilian casualty count.

And what I can tell you is that when the fog of war clears, and the numbers become clearer about the civilian-to-combat ratio inside the Gaza Strip, and you compare that to other counter-terrorism wars fought by Western armies. 

Like the British in Afghanistan. Like the British in Iraq. Like the British against the Islamic State, that ratio is going to prove very firmly the extent to which the Israeli army has gone to try to keep civilians on the other side safe from the consequences of their own leaders' reckless and evil and barbaric attempts to try and keep them in harms way.

Source - Eylon Levy/X

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[Anonymous] 17:02 29.11.2023
Who cares how many garbage is being swipes under the rug I as a Coptic would love to see Israel take back every bit of Sinai, and the Arabs and Muslim go back where they belong to gulf of the desert
Sharon Faulkner 16:49 29.11.2023
Only the media count heads in a war and they're normally wrong. My father was in Korea and Vietnam and he never counted heads.
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