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Is Turkey exporting munitions to Israel during the war in Gaza? 

The Turkish government keeps on claiming these are "terrible lies" but more reports surface that Turkey, that "big defender" of Hamas, has been selling Israel munitions during the war with the Hamas-Nazis.

The government ministries in Turkey today rushed one after the other to publish blanket denials to the reports that were published according to which Turkey continues to export to Israel items that can also be used for military purposes. 

The Turkish Statistical Bureau published data as of January 2024, according to which it appears that there is a Turkish export to Israel under "Article 36" which includes "gunpowder, explosives, combustibles, ammunition, weapons and parts." These data caused an uproar in the Turkish public in view of the clear anti-Israeli sentiment that exists in the country in view of the fighting in Gaza.
The Turkish Ministry of Defense responded that it is impossible for Turkey to export weapons to Israel in view of "Israel's acts of violence that continue in Gaza, against hospitals, schools, places of worship, refugee camps and civilians without distinction." The Turkish Ministry of Industry stated that these news about continued exports to Israel were intended to "manipulate" Turkish public opinion.

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Neil Frank 23:39 02.04.2024
The story is rubbish. Ridiculous to believe Israel demonic hater would allow arms to be sent. Enough of this nonsense.
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