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After 70 years of marriage, Israeli couple dies on same day

Hannah and David Regev met during War of Independence and were together until they both took their last breaths last week, dying within 12 hours of each other; 'I wanted to go before her'

Ynet reports that Hannah Regev, 91, and her husband David, 93, were laid to rest on the same day, after spending together more than seven decades and passing away within hours of each other.

"Our parents shared a wonderful love - years of mutual understanding and respect," said the couple's daughter Orna Shoval Regev. 

Source - Ynet/Twitter - Image - Courtesy of the family

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Mark Zanghetti 22:51 18.10.2022
May their memory be a blessing
Linda Bullock 14:19 18.10.2022
I love this!! Wonderful to read about love; there’s so much hate! ❤️❤️🙏🙏
C & 14:05 18.10.2022
Aawwhh 🥰🙏✝️ Thank God neither of them had to be alone without the other for any length of time, like my parents. My father went to heaven 15 years after my mother went. 💖💜 God bless their family.
Mireille Danziger 14:05 18.10.2022
Beautiful story RIP 🙏🙏