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BREAKING: Report that the hostage handover to Red Cross has NOT been done

Pay attention to the number in the crowds that are growing every day.

Sources in the Gaza Strip report that Hamas has begun the process of handing over tonight's hostages, 5 women and 7 children

These are in addition to the two Israeli-Russian women passed to the Red Cross earlier.

It should be noted that these crowds could not get near the ambulances unless Hamas allowed them to!


21:27 - Reports in the Gaza Strip that the process of handing over 12 abductees to the Red Cross has begun.

21:37 - Israel Hayom reports now that the handover from Hamas to the Red Cross has NOT BEEN DONE. No details yet why this has not happened.

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daytiray karay 18:49 01.12.2023
Evil monsters are the HAMAS criminals and their cohorts! Burn all in hell! Jahanam km palestinier!
[Anonymous] 20:48 29.11.2023
Is it any surprise that Hamas didn’t keep their word? Or make up stories as they go? Praying that the IDF will know when enough is enough.Too many innocents left unaccounted for- or sadly disposed of.
Natalie Levine 20:36 29.11.2023
Mr DiBernardo . . . Sure took you awhile to wonder! Well, good for you: better late than never.
Christine Miklosik 20:23 29.11.2023
Praying for all the safety of the hostages. Hamas is so unorganized with the hostages. They are clueless to their whereabouts from their own ignorance.
Scottie DiBernardo 19:49 29.11.2023
Reading some of these comments , makes me wonder what kind of people they are, no wonder our young people seem to distrust others
Denise Meyer 19:45 29.11.2023
I have a gut feeling about these exchanges. It's not balanced. 12 Israeli people for what was it 100 hamas? Something other than everyone's thoughts is on the horizon.
Heather Redden 19:19 29.11.2023
👺 pure👺 Sheol 🔥🔥 is an eternity to drown in your own (and the demons) hatred… The Sanctity of Life is not in Gaza or hell😔
John Ross 19:10 29.11.2023
Fuckin Israël!! I want Israël to bomb all Palestinian goat fuckers .. elected all Palestinians must die
Sharon Faulkner 19:09 29.11.2023
Mr Whitman you have a gift for being nice (:
Fred Whitman 19:01 29.11.2023
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