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BREAKING - VIDEO: Targeted hit on Hamas site in Rafah

Arabs filmed a direct hit on a house in which Hamas terrorists were identified hiding.

There is no details yet who was in the house at the time of the attack. STAY TUNED!

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Arthur Vasquez 01:46 16.05.2024
Nice hit! Keep it coming
Aliza Circle 21:55 15.05.2024
Beautiful! Love to see the fire burning. I hope that 99.9 of Hamas jihad and ISIS were in that house.
[Anonymous] 20:11 15.05.2024
Kill every last fucking one of them
Joe Cross 14:09 15.05.2024
A bomb falls on a house and the idiots scream that allah is great.
Miriam Bassiouni 13:40 15.05.2024
Sheep just following the rats
Lamko Cecile 13:35 15.05.2024
Pete Pala 13:33 15.05.2024
Allah Akbar, like they're a bunch of one minded animals. They need to be sent somewhere for brainwashing. And if they don't *graduate* they go "elsewhere.
Enabulele John 13:31 15.05.2024
There will be no peace for HAMAS
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