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Arutz 7: How Israeli Intel saved hundreds of US soldiers from Iranian attacks

Arutz 7: A new report reveals how last-minute warnings from Israeli intelligence and security agencies repeatedly saved American soldiers.

Amid growing tensions between the US and Israel over Israeli intelligence-gathering systems, a new report highlights the Israeli security intel community’s role in saving the lives of hundreds of American soldiers.

Last month, the US Commerce Department announced that it had blacklisted two Israeli companies closely linked to the Israeli government.

The two firms, NSO Group and Candiru, were accused of providing spyware to foreign governments which “used these tools to maliciously target” reporters, activists, and embassy employees, harming US interests.

According to a report by Yediot Aharanoth Friday morning, the blacklisting came as a shock to Israeli intelligence and security officials, who expressed dismay at subsequent meetings over what they perceived as a broader campaign by the Biden administration to rein in clandestine operations by Israel.

One Israeli official who participated in one such meeting this week called the Biden administration’s behavior ‘ingratitude’, citing the role of Israeli intelligence in saving American soldiers on multiple occasions, Yediot Aharanoth reported.

“I think that until we understand what we did [wrong], if anything, to cause them [the Americans] to behave the way they’re behaving, we should respond in a similar manner. We need to notify them that we have no idea why Israeli actions in the cyber world raised American ire, but until we can conclusively settle the matter, and to ensure that, God forbid, we don’t harm American national security interests again, we will suspend the flow of information Israel collects to the US intel community.”

“Maybe that way, if there is no one to save their soldiers next time around, they will answer their phones.”

Israeli intel is credited in Friday’s report with helping the US avoid casualties on numerous occasions, including in two high-profile attacks by Iran or Iranian-backed forces against bases housing American soldiers in the Middle East.

The first attack took place on January 7th, 2020, when Iran launched a barrage of missiles against American targets in Iraq, including the Ayn al-Asad base, which housed some 1,500 US personnel.

The ballistic missiles barrage could have resulted in massive casualties among the US forces, had American personnel not been evacuated to reinforced bunkers moments before the attack.

A last-minute warning by Israel to the US, based on information collected by Israeli intel, was critical in evacuating the American soldiers before the attack.

The second incident cited in Friday’s reported occurred on October 20th, 2021, when Iran launched a large-scale drone attack on the Al-Tanf base on the eastern edge of Syria, near the Iraqi border.

The base, which houses some 200 US soldiers, was evacuated shortly before the Iranian attack, again thanks to early warning provided by Israeli intel.

No American casualties were reported in the Al-Tanf attack, and no fatalities in the Ayn al-Asad attack.

Image: Reuters

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14:07 10.04.2022
Thank you! I and many Americans love And stand with Israel. Israel 🇮🇱 is our strongest ally, Israel watches day and night to protect soldiers. God bless Israel 🇮🇱 praying always for Israel
02:25 10.04.2022
Many in the USA stand with ISRAEL! Thank you! {TOGETHER WE WIN!} 🇺🇸🇮🇱
Constance Bullis 02:24 10.04.2022
Thank you for warning and saving those innocent US soldiers. Most are young men. God bless you!
Desiree Siefkas 01:56 10.04.2022
Prayers 🛐 for all Israel 🇮🇱. Many many of us Americans love ❤️ and support you. YVWH loves ❤️ Israel 🇮🇱. Israel 🇮🇱 is YVWH’S model to the world. Many countries missed it.
Desiree Siefkas 01:53 10.04.2022
Obama is our problem. He hates America and Israel 🇮🇱. He sticks his nose into our business and Biden allows it. Obama does not belong in the USA. He is trouble.
Jeannie Holder 01:38 10.04.2022
Numerous Americans stand for Israel and are embarrassed by the present administration’s lack of interest of having a respectful relationship with our greatest ally. May the Lord bless Israel!
Raki Rene 01:36 10.04.2022
Thank you, Israel!!!Israel intel is tops!!!
Preston Culp 01:35 10.04.2022
Israel is America’s best ally. America MUST get RID of the demon-rats that stole the presidency and put in senile Joe, crazy kamila and there band of idiots should be tried for treason.
Daniel Hne 01:23 10.04.2022
Lord Jesus Christ, let Your HOLY Will be DONE, in Your HOLY Name, Jesus Christ, Amen,King of Life.
00:49 15.02.2022
America and the Biden administration are not synonymous.
Larry Green 00:48 15.02.2022
Thank you ISRAEL
Jennie Carter 00:16 15.02.2022
I hope Israel wont stop intel to save our soldiers but i can understand if they do. Many of us over here really appreciate all Isarel does for us. The biden administration is sick and useless.
00:07 15.02.2022
I agree with you. God will never remove His smile from Israel!!!
23:51 03.12.2021
Byron Scherer 22:29 03.12.2021
If it's the right thing to do Biden doesn't do it if it's the wrong thing he does it with zeal. I love Israel. Thank you for caring about our soldiers because our president doesnt.
Cathryn Lipska 19:51 03.12.2021
Please don’t forget that many people in the US love Israel so 🇺🇸🕊🇮🇱! Sorry our government is being ran by well you know. Praying for the next president to be better for the US and Israel. ❤️
19:50 03.12.2021
The ones stealing the election in their attempts to destroy the greatest friend Israel has ever had ln our Capital Donald Trump…. Everyone pray for him , We really need him back! God bless IsraelUsa
19:39 03.12.2021
We now have the dumbest President ever in the White House, I sure hope we survive as a nation! I believe that the World knows that he was not elected the new Communist Democrat Party stole the electi
19:30 03.12.2021
Thank you to the Israeli gov’t for protecting our troops. Clearly, something the Biden administration is incapable of (see Afghanistan). May God bless and protect Israel always!
Tony Pettitt 19:21 03.12.2021
It’s just another example of this administration’s hatred for Israel, and its pro Palestinian stance. Thanks to Jew hating squad who is on the high ranking committees
John Tucker 19:19 03.12.2021
THANK YOU!!, so much Israel. For having our six. Biden administration would never thank you, so on behalf of the U.S.A Thank you and God Bless you.
darrel snider 19:15 03.12.2021
Man this stupid u s commerce dept. You all are dumbshit morons I stand with Israel.
Paula DeClerk 19:11 03.12.2021
I stand with Israel!!! Alway!! And I’m American! God blesses those that bless Israel , God curses those that curse Israel!!!
Rebecca Stump 19:11 03.12.2021
I think God removed His smile on America. But He will not remove it from Israel.
Gary Craig 19:10 03.12.2021
One day soon we will recapture our government from these communist inhuman people and we will resume our Trump Israel manners God Bless Israel
Lawrence Shockley 19:04 03.12.2021
Israel is our best Ally always have been and we have been theirs but the administration that we have now trying to interfere with that God help them God help Israel and God help the USA
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