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Floods, landslides in Philippines' south kill at least 31

Flooding and landslides in a southern Philippines province have killed at least 31 people, a senior government official told Reuters

A heavy downpour caused by an approaching tropical storm caused floods and landslides that affected two municipalities in Maguindanao province, Naguib Sinarimbo, Interior Minister of the Bangsamoro Region in Mindanao.

Sinarimbo said rescue operations are ongoing for people who are missing, but he could not say how many. He said the weather on Friday was slightly improved after incessant rain on Thursday night.

"The numbers are still moving and we still expect them to rise," Sinarimbo said.

NEWSRAEL: Are prayers go out to the victims and search teams, in hopes of saving lives.

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James Cooper 13:08 28.10.2022
Let the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be exalted. He alone is your hope.
12:05 28.10.2022
My prayers are sent to you in the Philippines🙏! blessings to you all!🙏🇮🇱♥️✝️🙏🕊