Palestinian Terror
Calling it by name: Palestinian Arson Terrorism

Calling it by name: Palestinian Arson Terrorism

A basic tenet of Terrorism is to be simple but powerful – to attack the weakest link of your enemy, and to make the biggest impression.

This is why terrorists will try to find the easiest targets. Unlike guerrillas, who will almost always attack military targets, the object of most terror attacks is against civilians, specifically civilians who do not suspect an imminent attack and who have no way to defend themselves.

It is no mystery why Hamas, who talks a lot about fighting the IDF does not shoot rockets at the army bases near Gaza and within their reach – but on civilians.

In the last few years, we have seen, first in Israel and then all over the world, a wave of terrorist stabbings. These stabbings are always random, and usually against old people, women, and even children. A terrorist wants a headline. The headline with the largest number of murdered victims. When you see people as a number – you do not go to a young man or woman who may be packing a gun and who knows how to use it.

Terrorism is ruthless. It has to be in order to create the effect that they wish – fear. They want people to understand that their leaders cannot guarantee their safety. That they could become the next target. Being ruthless means not caring for your targets in any way or manner.

Arson is one of a terrorist’s best friends. Palestinains have been using it openly in Gaza, but also in Israel proper for years.

This brings us to the latest fire near Jerusalem. The outlying areas of Jerusalem, our capital, are used to forest fires, especially in the hot months of summer. Much has been talked about this subject, and the question: Is this a form of terrorism? Is this being done intentionally?

Most people in Israel believe it is not. Several issues have been blamed, including the “catch-all” claim of “Climate change”. You would think that Israelis would look at Gaza, at the “Fire-Balloon Terror units” and understand that many of the forest fires inside Israel are being caused by Arab terrorists.

But the Media wants us to think that they were started by hot weather. We have seen all of the excuses. They equate us with California. They bring us Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey and then shake their heads and do anything they can not to say: This is TERROR. These people want to see us burn. They want to see us suffer.

But, it seems, they have run out of excuses. The latest fire in Jerusalem is now clear that was an act of arson. The fact that the “Shabak” has been called to run the investigation, makes it clear that this was an act of Arab terror.

Image: Walla News

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darrel snider 00:26 22.08.2021
I like it when they burn themselves up.
Jeff Kessler 21:12 21.08.2021
How do you stop these acts of terror except by eliminating the terrorists!
Kevin Merritt 20:09 21.08.2021
These truths are evident to those who seek truth about the persecution of God's people. To deny so is absolute negligent, or in ignorance. To further allow acts of terror to go on is unacceptable
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