"Woke" Tyranny
1619 Project creator and professor Nikole Hannah-Jones: ‘We Are Going into a Dark Age of Repression and Suppression of the Truth’ by Banning CRT

Nikole Hannah-Jones, 1619 Project creator and professor, said Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press that laws prohibiting her work in education were an example of Americans entering “a dark age of repression and suppression of the truth.”

Anchor Chuck Todd said, “At the end of the day, this politicizing of this, it’s clearly been weaponized. You’ve described it pretty well and the weaponization of it. Do you think simply time will get us past this? How can we get over this hump?”

Hannah-Jones said, “I don’t know, honestly. I’m quite concerned about what’s happening in our country because, as you know, my project, which is a work of journalism by the New York Times, is banned by name in Georgia, Florida, and Texas. There are efforts to ban the teaching of this history in Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee. When we think about what type of society bans books or bans ideas, that is not a free and tolerant democratic society. 

That’s a society that is veering towards authoritarianism unless people who believe in free speech, who believe in our children being intellectually challenged, begin to get organized and speak up. I think we’re going into a dark age of repression and suppression of the truth.

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Dennis Bell 02:38 27.12.2021
She talks about Africans invading Europe and enslaving them years before. What a crock coming out of the bigots face.
Robert Mcmaster 22:52 26.12.2021
Ive heard Louis Farahkan speak also, I'm old enough to know the hatred he sells and I wouldn't want my children learning the lies from one person or to make them feel inadequate in anyway while growin
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