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King of Morocco congratulates Bennett, just before Hamas visit to Morocco

The King of Morocco, The Sixth Muhammad had congratulated newly appointed Israeli PM as Hamas delegation, affiliated with Ismail Haniyya, visit is planned to visit to Morocco.

The king emphasized in the letter, "Morocco is interested in contuining to continue its active role and its efforts to facilitate long term peace in the Middle East, for all the nations of the region to live side by side, peacefully, stability and in harmony."

Naftali Bennett had thanked the Moroccan King and said in a statement that his coalition is "determined to strengthen Israel-Morocco relations in every area." He added, "Israel sees Morocco as a friendly country and an important partner in the peace efforts in the region."

Morocco is the fourth muslim country to revive its diplomatic relations with Israel last year with former US President Donald Trump, with the US acknowledgement of Morocco's sovereighty over West Sahara that was controversial. 

On Wednesday a Hamas delegation is arriving to Morocco, tied to Ismail Haniyya to meet with the Justice and Development party, the coalition leader in Morocco, which is ideologically close with Hamas. 

Since the normalization of relations between Israel and Morocco, King of Morocco, who is part of the Al Quds Committee, had approved the "strong stance of the kingdom" in support of the two state solution, and emphasized that negotiations is the only way to acheive a settlement. Morocco's foreign ministry rehashed this position during 'Guardian of the Walls' operation in May.

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