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Tucker Carlson calls the battle between Trump & the Washington elite a “spiritual battle” 

Tucker calls Washington the most anti-human group of people he has ever seen.

"Tucker is a national treasure

“I do think this is a spiritual battle. There's no political explanation for it whatsoever.”

“[The Washington Elite] are the most dishonest, the most ruthless, the most anti-human group I've ever dealt with. And I spent 35 years living in Washington. I don't even recognize these people and what they're doing. I really don't. It's so dark.”

No wonder why they removed him from Fox."

Source: Collin Rugg - X

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02:07 02.10.2023
More than whatTucker Carlson is talking about these people AreEvil looking at Bible prophecy check itoutThis is a sign that people would get so evilWhere in the🔥lastDays Christ is coming4🇮🇱🌎🇺🇸
Jennifer London 16:14 01.10.2023
They are actually consulting g demons in their fight against Trump. The bidens have moloch altars in ther mantel in the White House. Obama consults with Hawaiian gods for the wef.
Syble Presswood 02:32 01.10.2023
We truly are living in the last hour.When evil is spoken of as good,and good is evil .We need to stop looking for signs and start listening for the sound ( of the Trumpet ) !!
02:28 01.10.2023
God is handling this but He gave us free will and He needs to know we want it. He gave us authority when Jesus died so shout your prayers and use your powerful words!
Anthony Bowker 00:21 01.10.2023
20:13 30.09.2023
Amen, Tucker!! You called it right!! This Spiritual Battle belongs to The Lord!!!🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸