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Two bombings in one night? That’s normal now in Sweden

Sweden just voted in a right-wing government. The almost 500 bombings since 2018 may have something to do with it.

Since 2018, there have been almost 500 bombings—yes, bombings—in what is known as one of the most stable societies in the world.  

There’s not just a bombing problem. There are shootings, too. 

Sweden, which has a population of around 10 million, has the highest per-capita number of deadly shootings of 22 European countries. Forty-seven people have been shot dead so far this year, which, while far from American levels of gun homicide, is extreme for Europe. Other European countries have come to look at Sweden with horror. 

Photo: Reuters

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Raymond Fodor 00:58 24.09.2022
Judaism is the way. All other faiths have the facts wrong. Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. The ten commandments were written in stone because they are immutable. And, Israel is the light.
CaptJinx Marine 19:50 23.09.2022
The counter-intel office should be removing all refugees.
Pamela Hackner 07:26 23.09.2022
Cont no.more wars , that has not happened in the last 2,000 years only hatred billions slaughtered in hiss name . No we are waiting g for the TRUE MASHIACH
Pamela Hackner 07:25 23.09.2022
John Naulu. He was the reason why there is a so much hatred in this world. It is written that when the Mashiach ( messiah) comes there will be Peace around the world, no more Killings No more Hatred
pflip521 02:22 23.09.2022
So, how's that socialist open-arms policy working for you?
John Naulu 00:41 23.09.2022
Embrace Christ ✝️ and you will leave and have life not in the NOW but Life eternal and without this you are dead man walking.
John Naulu 00:38 23.09.2022
Without Christ ✝️ the nation and it’s people are lost. You don’t have to look far , see Africa where Muslims and terror reigns, poverty famine, barren and dry. Embrace Religion and you suffer.
John Naulu 00:34 23.09.2022
Let alone confusion and lost. Wherever Muslims live there will be no peace. It’s their way of life be prepared to embrace death and the grave. Not Christ ✝️ His Glory and Grace.
John Naulu 00:29 23.09.2022
When a nation tolerate anti Jews and anti Israel 🇮🇱 Christ ✝️ is no longer the cornerstone the foundation of any nation or country the people and leaders succumb to extreme suffering & loss.
Pebo Bohannon 23:27 22.09.2022
You reap what you sow.
Tony Pettitt 21:39 22.09.2022
They don’t mention the immigrant problem they don’t want to be racist you see. Let us know who is causing all this mayhem, its not the insurance guy!!!!!!
Hila Abada 21:34 22.09.2022
What percentage are committed by Muslims?
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