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VIDEO - Lebanese Journalist: Why does no one condemn crimes of Arabs against Arabs? Only Israel?

- Just one of Bashar Al-Assad’s barrel bombs kills as many people as were killed in 11 days of fighting in Gaza
– Why does no one condemn crimes perpetrated by Arabs against Arabs?

Lebanese Journalist Nadim Koteich
Source: Al-Kahera Wal-Nas TV (Egypt) June 20, 2021

- Israel is “an established fact,” and it cannot be wiped out in an attack “or something.”
- The Lebanese economy, the future of its people, its currency, and the savings of its people have been hijacked under the pretext of resistance against Israel, and yet no one is fighting against it.
- Why Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser is considered a hero by his people although he lost the Sinai Peninsula, while President Anwar Sadat is considered a traitor, despite regaining the Sinai Peninsula.

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Dennis Bell 14:00 17.11.2021
Well, stupid is as stupid does.
darrel snider 11:22 17.11.2021
Like blm they not talk about black killing black.
Selina 07:23 17.11.2021
By what logic indeed.
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