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BREAKING: Hamas in statement: Members of the Bibas family killed in Gaza; IDF is checking

IDF spokesperson: The terrorist organization Hamas continues to act in a cruel and inhuman manner. IDF representatives spoke with the members of the Bibas family, informed them of the publication and are accompanying them at this time. The IDF is examining the reliability of the information.

The responsibility for the safety of all the hostages and hostages in the Gaza Strip rests fully with the terrorist organization Hamas.
Hamas endangers the hostages, including nine children. Hamas is required to immediately return them to Israel.

The IDF together with all the bodies will continue to accompany the Bibas family, as well as all the families of the hostages and hostages.

The IDF works with all means, intelligence and operational, in order to return the hostages home.

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Sue Downs 08:24 30.11.2023
Knowing how they butchered babies on 10/7, why are we so shocked now? I can’t sleep All of Gaza is complicit in this holocaust. I would turn Gaza to glass.💔
Denise Meyer 20:02 29.11.2023
Not to raise dissension, but what if we conquered Satan by praying for hamas. Since God has power over all of creation, pray for a softening of captors' hearts. They won't know what hit them!
Èdward Smatt 16:25 29.11.2023
Burn in hell Hamas. No mercy for y pigs
Christine Miklosik 16:03 29.11.2023
They cannot find this family. Has openly admitted that they do not know who has them. Now they are late with their lies saying the IDF killed them. Hamas is grasping at straws. This is how stupid they
Lamko Cecile 15:47 29.11.2023
Father protect them and bring them back home
[Anonymous] 15:23 29.11.2023
None of these people would have perished if Hamas hadn’t started the killing. God will hold them accountable and pour His wrath over their lives and families.God is a miracle worker.Praying for Israel
Linda Zelikson 15:05 29.11.2023
Praying beyond hope. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Hamas is already saying they were killed by the IDF. Hamas is the ONLY one responsible for the harm that came upon them.
My Camry 15:02 29.11.2023
It’s time to arrest all the family members of the heads of Hamas and hang them from the highest tree. Children first so the adults can watch them expire. Fucking scum.
Sharon Faulkner 15:02 29.11.2023
If this is true and those cowardly animals murdered that innocent baby I hope they burn in hell forever.
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