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Ireland: Ex-soldier, a former Islamic State bride, bids to have jihad terror charges dropped

Things are looking up for returned Islamic State bride Lisa Smith, who betrayed her country after converting to Islam and traveling to Syria to be with her Islamic State jihadist husband.

Smith is a former member of the Irish Defence Forces. She is now seeking to have terror-related charges against her dropped. Her case “will be heard by the Special Criminal Court in Dublin next week.” In May, Smith won her appeal against a ban on entering Britain, one she should not have won. Her legal team argued that she was “‘entitled’ to the rights of a dual citizen as a consequence of her father’s birthplace, Belfast in Northern Ireland” (national security considerations be damned).

Smith travelled to Syria in 2015 and married British Islamic State fighter Sajid Aslam, who was later killed in the way of Allah. “She escaped the Ain Issa camp in Syria before being deported from Turkey,” and “was arrested at Dublin Airport after returning from Turkey in December 2019 with her two-year-old daughter.” 

Smith was subsequently charged for being a member of the Islamic State terror group and for funding terrorism, but now she’s claiming innocence. She is denying charges “on the grounds there is not sufficient evidence to convict her on any of the charges.” Almost any jihadist associated with the Islamic State can do the same, since detailed evidence about the atrocities committed by Islamic State jihadists is difficult to acquire. 

Her application is still being considered any way. Here’s the kicker: The details of Tuesday’s hearing cannot be reported by the media. What is there to hide? After all, no one wants an “Islamophobic” public uproar, do they?

Smith, along with all other Islamic State returnees, is a grave danger to Ireland. She betrayed her country and likely used (and will continue to) her Defence Forces training (paid for by Irish taxpayers) to aid the Islamic State to spread the Sharia. Now she is back. The public deserves full transparency and won’t be getting it.

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Karolina De 13:54 14.01.2022
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