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Al Jazeera journalist moonlighting as Hamas terrorist

Muhammad Samir Muhammad Wishah served in Hamas's anti-tank unit and was promoted to the group's research & development department.

i24News reports that a journalist on the Qatari Al Jazeera news network by day, a commander in an anti-tank unit of Hamas — a genocidally antisemitic jihadist group — by night. To what extent the two hats worn by Samir Muhammad Wishah are at odds with one another is a matter of interpretation, yet the contents of his laptop, found by the IDF in Gaza, offer ample documentation of this double career.  

By late 2022, Wishah, a 37-year-old resident of Bureij, was promoted to the research and development department in the Hamas Air Force, according to the IDF's Arabic-language Spokesperson Avichay Adree, who posted the damning photos to X. Adree didn't specify whether Wishah was arrested. 

The exposé comes one day after the IDF revealed that Hamas built a vast network of tunnels directly underneath the headquarters of the UN's agency for Palestinian refugees in Gaza City. 

Israel launched the war against Hamas after the October 7 attacks, which saw thousands of terrorists breach the border separating the Palestinian enclave from the Jewish state and perpetrate the worst antisemitic atrocity since the Holocaust. 

Source - i24News/X - Image - Michael Elgort/X

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Deceit 👺knows no bounds
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