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State Department: US will maintain its strong support for Israel

The United States on Tuesday promised to maintain its strong support for Israel as it heads to its fifth election in less than four years.

"I don't expect political developments in Israel will have implications for what we are seeking to accomplish together with our Israeli partners -- or with our Palestinian partners for that matter," State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters, according to AFP.

"The strength of our relationship does not depend on who sits in the Oval Office. It doesn't depend on who sits in the prime minister's chair in Israel," Price added.

Source: INN

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La Jun 06:36 22.06.2022
Don't trust this fraudulent government. Wait till the real President return this year
Moshe Moses 06:00 22.06.2022
In G-d 🇮🇱Israel can only trust and rely on. Am 🇮🇱Israel Hai.
Moshe Moses 05:58 22.06.2022
Ned Price is a snake in the grass 🇮🇱Israel cannot trust any words uttererd from by him he the State Department and Biden Administration no friend or ally of 🇮🇱Israel but enemies
Anna Payton 05:45 22.06.2022
Liars, price is a communist nutcase, watch out Israel 🇮🇱
John Naulu 05:08 22.06.2022
Liars, why include Palestinian, America is cowardly afraid of Iran 🇮🇷 Russia 🇷🇺 and every Islamic ☪️ America knows that Israel 🇮🇱 is might in technology and nuclear weaponry.
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