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Israeli Automated First-Aid System Wins Smart Cities Connect Award

Israeli company Inovytec won a Smart Cities Connect Smart 50 Award for its implementation of the SALI first-aid system in Marburg, Germany.

The automated emergency care device has also been deployed in Romania and Israel.

When someone experiences a cardiac or medical emergency in a public area where SALI is available, any bystander can open the case and place the patient’s head on an integrated headrest. A video screen inside guides the bystander by providing basic first aid and attaching tools for non-invasive airway management, automated oxygen therapy, vital monitoring, and defibrillation.

SALI automatically connects to an emergency dispatch center, enabling interactive instruction from a medical professional and real-time transmission of vital signs.

A study of the implementation in Germany found that SALI reduced the time to first medical treatment by six minutes and 12 seconds. This time can be critical for improving outcomes.

SALI was also placed in 240 supermarkets and 140 public areas in Bucharest as part of a national emergency healthcare services project in Romania.

“SALI helps cities create connected safe zones within which people are significantly more protected in emergency situations,” said Inovytec CEO Udi Kantor. “It empowers community members to be responsible for one another and take action before the arrival of the emergency response team.”

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