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Saudi Journalist: Hezbollah and Hamas Leaders are Terrorists Who Should be Prosecuted and Executed

In an article in the Saudi daily Al-Watan, journalist Khalid Al-'Owijan slammed the organizations of the so-called "resistance axis," especially Hizbullah and Hamas.

These organizations, he said, brandish the slogan of "liberating Jerusalem" and other empty slogans, but in practice they serve Iran and its agenda and only harm the Palestinian cause by detracting from its centrality in the Muslim world. He added that these terror organizations bring only catastrophes upon their countries, peoples and nation.

In Lebanon, for example, Hizbullah caused a devastating war against Israel that cost thousands of lives, and in Palestine, Hamas adopted the method of suicide bombings, with utter contempt for human life, and entered a reckless and hopeless war against Israel.

'Owijan called to act without hesitation to prosecute and even execute the "terrorist" leaders of the  resistance axis, such as Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, Hamas leader Isma'il Haniya and Houthi leader 'Abd Al-Malik Al-Houthi

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Henry Lee 07:44 07.01.2022
He is right you know.
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