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Ben Shapiro visits the Temple Mount [VIDEO]

Prominent personality Ben Shapiro and his father, currently in Israel, visited the Temple Mount on Sunday and prayed Minchah (the afternoon prayer) there.

It was the first time the elder Shapiro had ascended to the Mount. His wife passed away recently.

Ben Shapiro himself has visited the Temple Mount before but was removed by security guards during his visit, which he made with his wife. Guards ordered the entire group of Jews to leave after several members of the group (the Shapiros apparently not included) began to sing while on the Mount.

On this visit, Shapiro expressed his satisfaction with the positive atmosphere and improvements in the conditions for Jews visiting the holy site.

"You can't come to Israel and not visit the Temple Mount," he said.

Source: INN

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Tony Pettitt 20:41 24.07.2022
I’m amazed he got to pray on the Temple Mount the Palestinians have declared that no Jew would be permitted to pray on that platform. Thank GOD he was able to!!!!!!
Desiree Siefkas 18:15 24.07.2022
I am glad Ben Shapiro took time to visit The Temple Mount. I think it made Ben feel good too.
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