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A first in Italy: Israeli Arad assault rifles & Negev machine guns in army service

The unit that will be equipped with these weapons is the 17th Stormo Incursori, which is part of the 1st Special Operations Air Brigade

Italian Ministry of Defense announced that the Italian Air Force Special Operations forces are in the process of receiving Arad assault rifles and Negev 7 Light Machine Guns made by the Israeli company IWI. 

Israel Defense has learned that 800 Arad rifles worth will be delivered in 2022-2023.

The Negev 7 LMG to be delivered to the Italian unit are  7.62x51mm caliber. The Arad assault rifles that the 17th Stormo Incursori will receive are a 9.5-inch barrel variant that benefits from a suppressor made of stainless steel and titanium to generate minimal sonic boom on its shots.

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Steven Lisenbe 17:00 15.11.2022
I have owned IWI weapons for many years. They are rugged, reliable and accurate.
Tuin Boon 16:38 15.11.2022
Advanced and proven systems Very good investment