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WATCH: Jordan Peterson slams critics who say he ‘stormed’ Temple Mount

Peterson, 60, was captured on camera by a passersby who claimed that Peterson was "storming the Temple Mount with a group of Israeli settlers".

Canadian professor and psychologist Jordan Peterson, who has gained a large following in the last several years and become the subject of controversy for his views on cultural and political issues, slammed critics who accused him of ‘storming’ the Al Aqsa Temple Mount on October 11th, claiming he was actually invited to tour the site for an upcoming documentary.

“All of those who are claiming that… the Daily Wire crew and I were violating rules… that I stormed the ground with recalcitrant Israeli settlers, are either ignorant of the facts… or purposely misrepresenting what occurred and stirring up unnecessary and unwarranted trouble.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

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Md Lp 02:08 29.10.2022
Why are you using a Muslim identity for one of the holiest sites of Jews, the Temple Mount?