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Israel accelerating Arrow-4, sensor development due to Iranian hypersonic threat

The Missile Defense Directorate in the Israeli Ministry of Defense is coordinating the related projects performed by some Israeli defense companies. This is funded mostly with special budgets earmarked for the need to address a very critical threat.

While Israeli intelligence is trying to confirm Iran’s recent declaration that it has successfully developed a hypersonic ballistic missile, the Israeli Defense Forces have already been anticipating such an announcement — and in the last two months have begun accelerating efforts to develop measures to counter the potential new threat.

Concerns about hypersonic weapons are not new, and Israel started work some years ago on developing the advanced Arrow-4 interceptor, once it became clear that Iran was working to develop more versions of long-range missiles, including cruise missiles.

Source - Breaking Defense/Twitter - Image - Flash90

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Rhoda Wright 17:08 17.11.2022
Stand Strong & Always Alert ! 🇮🇱😇🙏😇
Jeane Frady 15:32 17.11.2022
Stand strong, Israel!!!🙏🙏🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮
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