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The Israel Defense establishment warns: Lebanon's crash brings Israel closer to war

The severe economic disintegration in Lebanon and the government vacuum created in the country are putting the security system on alert. While Iran and Hezbollah are working to expand their foothold, a senior security official warns that its explosive situation has reached the Land of the Cedars which is bringing Israel closer to a confrontation with its neighbor. "The third Lebanon war is a matter of time," a senior IDF official said.

According to the source, Hezbollah has begun subsidizing food and fuel products, and opening an ATM network for Shiite citizens only. This is while the banking system is collapsing and gas stations are jumping in prices due to the acute shortage in the market. For example, this week civilians opened fire after not being given the opportunity to refuel vehicles.

The same source pointed to a number of dangerous processes taking place in Lebanon in the past year, the most prominent of which is the continued development and progress of Hezbollah's precision missile project that threatens the Israeli home front in general and strategic facilities such as power plants, water infrastructure and symbols of government. At the same time, Hezbollah continues to arm itself with air defense systems that threaten the Israeli Air Force's freedom of action in the Lebanese region and the region. "This is a very worrying issue," the senior official said.

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Cathy Hogue 15:03 11.07.2021
Israel has God, they need no one else.
Nick Horsky 14:48 11.07.2021
Lebanon 0 Israel 1 Maybe time to eliminate threats one at a time.
14:29 11.07.2021
What do you mean , Israel will win cause of Hashem ? What’s that
14:26 11.07.2021
God and Israel is more than enough, they don’t need Biden and Laughing Harris. These nations are under the Curse. and so are all Anti Semitic. People and Nations. God’s Divine Sentence had pass
Dino trump 14:12 11.07.2021
Unfortunately Israel cannot win a 4 front war!! Against PLA Hamas Hezbollah Syria, Iran Lebanon Jordan supplied by Russia. America won't help Joe lied
darrel snider 14:03 11.07.2021
Israel will win cause of Hashem.