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Israel Expects Record Number of Passover Travelers in 2023

The Ministry of Transportation reported an all-time record demand for flights over the Passover holiday this year. Over 2.2 million passengers are expected to pass through Ben Gurion Airport, an increase of 18% compared to the record year 2019.

On peak days, close to 100,000 passengers will pass through the airport per day, with approximately 580 landings and takeoffs. On Sunday, April 9, 89,000 passengers are expected to pass through the airport; on Monday, April 10, about 90 thousand passengers, on Thursday, April 13 about 97,400 passengers and on Sunday, April 16, over 89,000 passengers are expected.

The government reported that international flights returned to pre-corona levels, and even beyond. The Airports Authority and the management of Israel National Airport are preparing for peak traffic on the eve of the holiday and during it, and said they are working in every way to make the departure for the Passover vacation a “pleasant experience and to reduce as much as possible the pressure and congestion.”

In the summer season, from April to October 2023, 13 new airlines will start landing in Israel and will offer a wide variety of new destinations with direct flights. Among them, three companies will resume operations after the Covid crisis virus, and another 10 will come to us for the first time.

More than 24 million passengers on international flights will pass through Israel this year. The monthly average since the beginning of the year is over one and a half million passengers, and the month of March will end with over 1.9 million passengers.

Photo:  Avshalom Sassoni/ Flash90

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Rhoda Wright 10:40 15.03.2023
Wow 🤩! That’s a lot of people a lot of traffic too ! Happy Passover 💞🇮🇱