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SPECIAL VIDEO: Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Middle East expert and VP of NEWSRAEL on Al-Jezzera in Arabic

In these days when the world is trying to do all it can to detach the Jewish ownership of Israel, and of Jerusalem itself, it is import to watch and share this video of Dr, Mordechai Kedar, Middle East expert and VP of NEWSRAEL on Al-Jezzera in Arabic.

Watch not only his response to a Muslim cleric who claimed Jerusalem is Muslim, but in the forum he did it - inside their very own "court"!

Watch as Kedar takes command and gives them a "dressing down" it will take them long to forget!

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[deleted] 21:06 11.12.2021
Well he told muslims the truth Jerusalem is Jewish capital even before Jesus David made it that.
Pamela Hackner 18:45 11.12.2021
Dr Kedar is a great speaker, heard him some years ago
Kelly Plott 12:09 15.05.2021
Wow, come quickly Lord Jesus
[Anonymous] 06:27 15.05.2021
😂🔥Kol Hakavod🔥
Anel Matthysen 06:21 15.05.2021
There will always be just one truth.. That is God almighty truth.
Anu smitha 05:45 15.05.2021
That's so apt and clear, but these baffoons will not get it.
Ej Reefscaper 05:19 15.05.2021
Elizabeth Wanjiru 05:18 15.05.2021
Waoooooh,,,,that's beautiful ❤️❤️.Well explained
Richmond Asomaning 04:31 15.05.2021
Acopio Orlando 04:31 15.05.2021
The Truth Speaks Itself. God blesses always Israel. No matter what happened The Truth Shall Prevail..
mathew george 04:27 15.05.2021
Amazing …… beautiful and well explained
[Anonymous] 04:24 15.05.2021
Praise God they must know the truth and the truth shall set us free.God bless Israel 😇 🙏 😍 ❤️
Malcolm In 04:16 15.05.2021
Amazing truths
Zoran Mis 04:13 15.05.2021
God bless you!
Joseph Bassey 03:04 15.05.2021
Wow....wow.... Thank you for reminding the Nations plotting evil against Israel that We (The Church / Israel) are undefeated. They should just leave us alone and mind their business.... God bless you.
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