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VIDEO REPORT: Jewish persecution in Yemen

Jews in Yemen suffered under antisemitic persecution for centuries, including violence, kidnapping, and the destruction of Jewish synagogues and property.

They were even given a choice of converting to Islam or death.

This is their story. The truth should be heard: share with a friend!

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Jeanne Ferguson 03:37 17.09.2022
Once the Jews are gone who are they going to pursiqute. Right Christians.
Lucinda Ritchey 22:01 16.09.2022
I Know for sure that they will accomplish that!
Lucinda Ritchey 21:59 16.09.2022
I know for sure that WILL happen soon!
William McCarty 03:44 08.05.2021
They are already a force to be reckon with. Isreal taught the US how to fight in the desert and to keep hydrated
Syble Presswood 02:43 08.05.2021
If all the jews around the world return to Israel, they would certainly be a force to be reckoned with !❤