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The IMF will not help Lebanon either

The Lebanese government has set up a team to negotiate with the International Monetary Fund to try and rescue the country from the severe economic crisis it is in. 

A $10 billion aid package is on the table, but Lebanon is skeptical about the success of the negotiations. In order to sign the agreement, Lebanon needs to introduce measures to reduce the public debt estimated at $90 billion, introduce a comprehensive reform of the public sector reconstruction, prepare a plan to fight corruption, formulate measures to correct the balance of payments, set a uniform dollar rate, reduce government spending, release the energy industry from the control of corrupt personalities and more and more. The chances that the current government will be able to come up with practical plans are slim.

At the same time, the Saudi-led Gulf states are fairly unanimous that they will not transfer aid to Lebanon as long as Hezbollah controls the government, Arab reports claim.

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