The Iranian Threat
Unbelievable ... Iran smuggles military equipment through the football team?

The arrival of the Iranian football team for the game in Lebanon raises concerns that this is being used to smuggle electronic military equipment and possibly skimmers. 

The photos of the Iranian players at the airport each carrying a large number of large suitcases as can be seen is what provoked the activity in the networks. 
Some even claimed that a type of electronic component could be spotted near one of the suitcases.

Political activist Dr. Shadi Saraya wrote that according to the quantities of luggage, it seems to him that this is a smuggling for Hezbollah. 

In Lebanon, it is known that those who control the airport in Beirut are Hezbollah members. What is strange about the story is that the Iranian team is expected to leave Beirut as early as the Thursday after the game, so the large amount of luggage seems illogical for such a relatively short stay.

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