The Legal War: Hamas’ War Crimes and Israel’s Right to Self-Defense

The Israel Defense Forces have no policy of deliberately targeting civilians or civilian property and make every effort to give effective advance warning of impending strikes that could potentially affect the civilian population.

BY:  Amb. Alan Baker

The success of Israel’s “Iron Dome” anti-missile defense system in reducing the threat of over 4,000 rockets fired by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in May 2021 cannot in any way reduce the extent of the Palestinians’ criminal liability for severe war crimes in willfully and deliberately directing massive barrages of missiles toward civilian centers in Israel.
The deliberate and cynical use by Hamas and Islamic Jihad of their own civilians as human shields, as well as their use of mosques, hospitals, schools, and private houses as weapons storage facilities and firing platforms, are no less severe war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law.

The construction of tactical tunnels beneath urban civilian areas, hospitals, public facilities, and urban roads are also war crimes and grave violations of international humanitarian law.

The indiscriminate targeting of Israeli cities and civilians practiced by Hamas violates the rule of distinction in international law, which requires combatants to limit attacks to legitimate military targets.

Moreover, advocating a religious holy war aimed at creating a regional Islamic entity encompassing the whole of the territory of Israel appears to contravene the provisions of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention of Genocide.

For all such crimes, Hamas and PIJ leaders and commanders are accountable and prosecutable under international law.

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Mario A 11:07 09.06.2021
Don't let's the support or the aid guided your own political decisions
darrel snider 09:49 09.06.2021
Palestinians needs be charge with war crimes and hamas should hang for these crimes against Israel and world.
04:49 09.06.2021
God asks us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. It is my honor as a messianic Jew to pray for the home of my ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Paul Durocher 04:15 09.06.2021
Everyone will face God’s judgement. Nobody is exempt. Repent.
Army Veteran 04:02 09.06.2021
They should be held accountable but that will never happen. Lawlessness and crime is in. Laws, morals and values is out. Matthew 24:1–51
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