Protests Against Hamas
Gaza: "Badana Na'ish" plan to protest against Hamas today

Specified meeting points have been set from the north of the Strip to the south and the demonstrators are called by the organizers not to clash with the security forces of Hamas, to wave Palestinian flags and to place their demands regarding the living conditions in Gaza. Those who demonstrate are asked to upload videos to social networks.

It will be interesting to see if there will be those who dare to go out and demonstrate publicly today against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

# Protests Against Hamas
David Beirne 20:53 06.08.2022
What dialect are you speaking John Ross? Lol
Maurice Shoshan 23:42 05.08.2022
I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the work of the Islamofascists in Gaza to tie the hands of the IDF, while they launch attacks on Israeli towns
Md Lp 23:34 05.08.2022
That is a dangerous and courageous thing to do.
John Ross 23:33 05.08.2022
Orgasms crazy hummus woke welders demonstration with violence they will be arrested in tortured most likely killed I’d be very careful
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