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WATCH: Canadian Imam "The Jews and the Christians are our enemies!"

Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada Calls For Support Of The 'Mujahideen' In Afghanistan, Adds: The Jews And The Christians Are Our Enemies!

- "Do not think that the Jews and Christians are our friends – they are our enemies!"
- They will attack what is most sacred to us
- Jews and Christians spent "mountains of gold" trying to make Muslims stray from Islam, but they failed

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Patsy Webb 10:54 09.09.2022
Satan has his own whiners eventually someone will shut him up and he will live with Satan in his eternal hell
Leonardo Valero 08:48 09.09.2022
Tuin Boon 07:13 09.09.2022
Human rights is abused consistently by oppressive Islam ideology teachings. Shari is against democracy and should be forbidden!
John Steedley 06:34 09.09.2022
Working on the gate,and gate to Sheol.Open it up on Earth Give the devil his dues.You will feel the gravity.The sense of floating,off you go.
04:49 09.09.2022
The sad thing is Islam did not even exist back in Biblical days! They were called Arabs until they started following a false teaching!
Robert McMaster 04:35 09.09.2022
Don't forget the rights of women. To learn to become women not under the thumb of men telling them when and what they must wear ,and the he'll it must be having your personal area butchered.By butcher