Peace With Morocco
Strategic political dialogue between Israel and Morocco

The head of the Foreign Ministry's strategic political establishment, Ambassador Alon Bar, paid a working visit to Morocco during which there was a political dialogue with his Moroccan counterpart, and met with the Director General of the Moroccan Foreign Ministry, Fouad Yazur.

The head of the Middle East wing of the Moroccan Foreign Ministry, Fouad Aharaf, led the political dialogue from the Moroccan side.

The purpose of the dialogue is to discuss the way in which bilateral cooperation between the countries can be deepened, with an emphasis on bringing Moroccan workers to Israel, encouraging investment and mutual tourism, and encouraging trade between the countries.

In addition, the dialogue dealt with the framework of regional architecture and the follow-up steps agreed upon by the parties within the framework of the "Negev Summit", which took place at the initiative of Foreign Minister Yair Lapid in March this year.

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