Terror Attack
VIDEO - Stabbing attack in Jerusalem: 2 border police officers were lightly and moderately injured in the Old City

In the CCTV video: The terrorists approaches the borde policemen and stabs the policeman in the head.
See for yourself how the border policewoman reacts quickly, and even though she was also stabbed in the hand, kept the terrorist at bay.

The terrorist, from East Jerusalem, was shot dead by security forces.

Video: Police spokeswoman

# Terror Attack # Jerusalem # Palestinian Terror
Pamela Hackner 22:19 17.11.2021
We Pray that Hashem will keep Israel safe.
20:24 17.11.2021
Love the end result that’s how it should be handled
Desiree Van 20:11 17.11.2021
Praying God for your safety and protection every day.
Rhonda Lynn 20:05 17.11.2021
God help us i love you all and pray for your safety
Shalom Pollack 20:03 17.11.2021
kahana was right
Shalom Pollack 20:03 17.11.2021
kahana was right
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