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IDF BATTLE VIDEO: They suffered heavy losses on October 7 - and now they are fighting in Gaza

Documentation from the activity of female fighters and the fighters of the 414th Collection Battalion

Fighters of the 414th Battalion ('Eagle') of the Border Defense Corps, which suffered heavy losses on October 7, are fighting in the Gaza Strip and are integrated into the ground operations in the Gaza Strip.

As part of the activity, the battalion uses advanced observation means to locate terrorist infrastructures, tunnel shafts and anti-tank positions and observation of the terrorist organization Hamas and in cooperation with leading intelligence to close rapid fire circles and attack them.

414 fighters identified and assisted in attacking dozens of observation means and observation posts of the terrorist organization Hamas which led to fatal damage to the observation capabilities and operations of the terrorist organization. As part of their activity in the northern Gaza Strip, they identified anti-aircraft and anti-aircraft missile launch positions set up by Hamas terrorists, directed fire and led to a quick and precise closing of the circle.

"Starting with that brutal attack, the battalion worked with determination to locate and hit Hamas, starting with locating and hitting enemy means, and continuing with operational shafts that were attacked," said Lt. Col. Ophir. We are fighting so that the hostages should go home."

The commanders of the battalion and the commanders of the border protection corps accompany and embrace the bereaved families, wishing for the return of the abductees and a speedy recovery for all the injured.

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[Anonymous] 16:02 23.11.2023
Praying for them
[Anonymous] 15:18 23.11.2023
Wow. Impressive. Go get them and may God be with you.
Lamko Cecile 20:17 20.11.2023
May God protect you in Jesus Christ Amen
Kelly Plott 19:37 20.11.2023
Do they know if they are alive?
Nadezda B 19:31 20.11.2023
What a great video
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